Get Fizzical: Get Fit

with Marion

Circuit Training

Circiuts Tricep dip Crunch image Circuits glute extension

Circuit Training is an instructor led group EXERCISE session with equipment, motivation and music to push you to your limit !!

Using the amazing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) technique each exercise “Station” is blasted for 90seconds with a short recovery interval before the next station.


Mixing Cardio and Weight training for a workout that strengthens, burns calories and improves all fitness levels.


Moving from one Station to the next to complete the CIRCUIT guarantees a workout that is suitable for Beginners as well as the Super Fit !!!



If your goal is to shed pounds, get leaner, tone up and feel great then CIRCUIT TRAINING is the workout for you.


Join the CIRCUIT sessions, stay committed to a weekly workout that

delivers amazing results.